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Fort George and Buckingham House
Provincial Historic Site

Be our guest - Free admission for wildfire evacuees

Now until September 5th, 2016, regular admission fees will be waived at provincially-owned historic sites and museums for evacuees of the Alberta wildfires. Evacuees will be required to provide photo identification or a postal code as proof of residency for family admission. We hope access to our sites and museums provides an opportunity for displaced Albertans to enjoy some activities together during this difficult time.

Experience some of Alberta's earliest fur trade history at the Fort George and Buckingham House Provincial Historic Site.

Take a trip through time and visit Fort George and Buckingham House Provincial Historic Site, the location of two competing fur trade posts. Wander through the gallery and let modern technology offer you a glimpse of the dreams of Louis, the voyageur. Listen as William Tomison, the Chief Factor of Buckingham House, reflects and writes in his journal. Step into the world of the indigenous people whose lives were so affected by the arrival of the fur traders. Meet the "Country Wife" and learn about the important role she played as the link between two cultures. Complete your visit with a stroll down the interpretive path to the archaeological site of the two forts. The view will take your breath away.

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Fort George and Buckingham House
Last reviewed/revised: May 7, 2016
Exhibit gallery

Take a tour of the exhibit gallery in the Visitor Centre.

Interpretation staff

Staff make the fur trade come alive for visitors.

A young visitor at the Centre

A visit to the Fort George and Buckingham House is a unique experience for visitors of all ages.