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Frank Slide Interpretive Centre, Crowsnest Pass, Alberta

Education Programs

To Book a Program
Contact the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre by phone at 403-562-7388 (or call 310-0000, followed by 403-562-7388) and speak with the Bookings Coordinator.

Fill out the Program Booking Form, print the form and fax it to the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre at 403-562-8635. You can also scan and email the form to

Program Booking Form (PDF - 474 KB)

The following Education Programs are available at the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre:

Frank Slide Survival Kit

All Grades

What knowledge might have helped the residents of Frank in 1903 escape the deadliest rockslide in North American history? Join our guided hike on a 1.5 km trail through the rock debris to discover the facts first-hand.

Curriculum correlation: Social Studies / Science. Length: 1.5 hours.

Hear That Whistle Blow

Grades 4-12

In 1914, an explosion in the Hillcrest Mine killed 189 men. Put yourself in the shoes of a miner at Hillcrest Collieries as you uncover the tragic events of Canada's worst mine disaster. Visit the cemetery where many of the miners are buried and seek out headstones, commemorative plaques and interpretive signs to learn what happened. Please note: this is not an underground tour.

Curriculum correlation: Social Studies. Length: 1.5 hours.

Turtle Mountain Rocks

Grades K-3

Become a scientist to learn about the rocks of Turtle Mountain. Make your own sandstone and conglomerate rocks and sample our famous earth crust sundaes (please notify us of any food allergies).

Curriculum correlation: Science / Art. Length: 1 hour.

Promises of Paradise

Grades 4-6

Promises of free land and good jobs in the coal mines lured many Europeans to the Crowsnest Pass. Take on the role of an immigrant in a game that simulates the experience of travelling to Canada and starting a new life.

Curriculum correlation: Social Studies. Length: 1 hour.


Grades 4-6

Inaccurate reporting at the time of the Frank Slide has given the world a distorted view of the disaster. Now it's time to track down the real story. Become a reporter and search for clues as you try to get the scoop on the Frank Slide. Then choose pictures and headlines to complete your article as we put the paper together.

Curriculum correlation: Social Studies. Length: 1.5 hours.

Killer Mountain C.S.I.

Grades 7-12

In 1903, Turtle Mountain killed more than 90 people. It was never apprehended for this crime, and remains at large. Now, as the killer prepares to strike again, it's up to our team of C.S.I. recruits to examine the crime scene and investigate the formation and structure of Turtle Mountain first-hand. Can you figure out what turned this mountain into a killer?

Curriculum correlation: Science / Social Studies. Length 1.5 hours (1.5 km guided hike).

United We Stand

Grades 7-12

Coal mining in the early 1900s was a tough business. Miners and mine owners were all out to make as much money as they could. Take on the role of a miner or a manager as you learn what it took to run a coal mine. Also discover how unions work as you negotiate a labour contract.

Curriculum correlation: Social Studies. Length 1.5 hours.

Miners Wanted! (at Leitch Collieries Provincial Historic Site)

Grades 3-6

Find out what it takes to be a coal miner! You'll need to use brawn, brains, and teamwork to pass the test and earn your mining certificate at Leitch Collieries.

Curriculum correlation: Social Studies. Length: 1.5 hours.

Theatre Presentations

On the Edge of Destruction, the Frank Slide Story

All Grades

See the Frank Slide recreated in this award-winning, high-definition presentation.

Curriculum correlation: Social Studies. Length: 30 minutes.

In The Mountain's Shadow

All Grades

Let the bittersweet history of the Crowsnest Pass unfold before you in this award-winning presentation.

Curriculum correlation: Social Studies. Length: 25 minutes.

Education Program Fees

  • $4 per student/program
  • There is a minimum charge of $60 per group
  • Teachers/chaperones/drivers are free

Last reviewed/revised: July 7, 2017