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Reynolds-Alberta Museum - Video Conferencing

Banner in the main hall at the Reynolds-Alberta MuseumThe Reynolds-Alberta Museum offers a great way to provide your class with an exciting museum learning experience without leaving your classroom using Video Conferencing.

Grade 3: Kites and Crashes
Grade 4 and 5: Prairie Perspectives
Grade 6: Kites and Crashes
Grade 7, 8: Modus Mechanicus
Grade 7-12: Shop Talks

Kites and Crashes

Let's play Fly or Flop. Students look at early airplane designs and guess which ones got off the ground.

Students discuss the importance of design and materials in the development of an airplane and are introduced to Alexander Graham Bell's experiments with the tetrahedral kite.

Each student builds a kite to take home.

Curriculum Ties
Grade 3 Science: Topic B: Building with a variety of materials; Topic C: Testing Materials and Designs
Grade 6 Science: Topic A: Air and Aerodynamics; Topic B: Flight

Program Length: 1 Hour on camera; 30 Min after sign off to complete kites
Maximum Students per program: 32
Equipment: Pre-cut kite kits will be mailed to your school. Interactive White Board (eg Smart Board) - optional.
Cost: $75 plus $8 per student for kite kit

Modus Mechanicus

Take a close look at how simple machines translate energy into motion, speed and force. Students explore practical applications of simple machines using a cream separator, a Penny Farthing bicycle and a tricycle.

Curriculum Ties
Grade 7 Science: Unit D: Structures and Forces
Grade 8 Science: Unit D: Mechanical Systems

Program Length: 1 Hour
Maximum Students per program: 32
Equipment: Interactive White Board (eg Smart Board)
Cost: $75 plus $5 per student

Prairie Perspectives

Free Land! Or is it? Our immigration recruiter will sell you on the idea of immigrating to Canada. Students will flail wheat, make butter and see how to operate many of the machines that helped make rural life easier.

Curriculum Ties
Grade 4 Social Studies: 4.2 The Stories, Histories and Peoples of Alberta; 4.3 Alberta: Celebrations and Challenges
Grade 5 Social Studies: 5.2 Histories and Stories of Ways of Life in Canada

Program Length: 1 Hour
Maximum Students per program: 32
Equipment: Returnable kit will be mailed to your school. Interactive White Board (eg Smart Board) - optional.
Cost: $75 plus $6 per student

Shop Talks

The Learn from the Experts manual and DVDs supports the Shop Talks programs. Team specialists include a woodworker, a precision machinist, and a bare-metal-finish body repairman from the staff of the Reynolds-Alberta Museum .

Each talk provides training not available anywhere else in Canada. What makes them unique is the exclusive focus on "museum-quality" restoration.

This workshop can be designed for your shop class needs.

Demonstrations could include:

  • How to choose your restoration project
  • How to repair collision damage
  • Make lead-filled body seams and patch panels
  • Welding techniques
  • The variety of uses if wood in automobiles
  • Substrate preparation
  • Power polishing and more

Curriculum Ties
Based on individual class needs

Program Length: 1 Hour
Maximum Students Per Program: 12

Learn from the Experts Manual

Learn from the Experts DVDs (four different DVDs):

  • Metal Finish and Surface Repair
  • Preparation Paints and Finishes
  • Restoration of Wooden Automobile Bodies
  • Automotive Detailing

Cost: $325 - Each Additional Hour - $125
Additional Learn from the Experts Manuals - $19.95 + GST


Telephone: (780) 312-2071
Toll-free in Alberta: 310-0000 and enter (780) 312-2065
Fax: (780) 361-1239


Mail: Reynolds-Alberta Museum, Box 6360,
Wetaskiwin, Alberta T9A 2G1


Last reviewed/revised: August 16, 2016