Turner Valley Gas Plant Provincial Historic Site

100th Anniversary of Turner Valley Oilfield Discovery

The Centennial of the Discovery of the Turner Valley Oilfield was celebrated in grand fashion on May 14, 2014. Over 800 school children and teachers came to the site that morning to learn about the history of Alberta’s beginning as an energy-rich province, and were joined later in the day by more than 1,100 other visitors who were treated to a program of speeches and entertainment leading up to a special marking of the grand moment of discovery.

Culture Minister Hon. Heather Klimchuk and Energy Minister Hon. Diana McQueen were joined by Mrs. Laureen Harper (herself from Turner Valley), and industry representatives to kick off the celebration. The true highlights of the afternoon came from the Grade 3 choir from Turner Valley School who wowed the audience with their performance of “Pump Jack,” a locally written tribute to the history of the oilfield, and the performance of a musical scene from Sharon Pollock’s new play, “Centennial,” specially written for the occasion under the auspices of the Turner Valley Oilfield Society.

All visitors were treated to refreshments sponsored by Legacy Oil+Gas Company, who operate right beside the historic gas plant, and all visitors had the opportunity to join a tour of the historic gas plant buildings. The Interpretive Display installed in the 93 year-old “Light Plant” was a particular favourite of the visitors.

Check out photos, video and audio from the centennial celebration.

Last reviewed/revised: March 18, 2016