Victoria Settlement Provincial Historic Site

Victoria Settlement - Teachers' Guide

A guide for Teachers when getting ready for a field trip to Victoria Settlement

At Victoria Settlement we believe that learning is best done when it is fun, interactive and experiential. Our programs and tours are specifically designed to offer students the opportunity to learn Alberta's early history that way.

If you have not brought students to Victoria Settlement before or haven't for a while we have a summary of the history to familiarize you with its stories. We hope these will help you prepare your students prior to visiting the site so they can take full advantage of their learning experience and save you from "surprises."

We offer a variety of programs suited to the curriculum requirements of students from grade 1 through high school. Please refer to our school programs listed on this web site.


Our site is fairly small and has limited staff. Rather than being a limitation we believe that it is strength that allows us to offer you unique flexibility and focussed learning experiences.

We like to work with groups about 35 or less but can accommodate groups of students up to twice that size with good support from teachers and accompanying parents.

We offer programs to only one school at a time so your students get our staff's undivided attention and the best possible learning experience.

Large groups are divided into smaller groups. This gives us flexibility to respond to each schools needs and provides the greatest opportunities for hands-on experiences for all students.

We can accommodate most school's unique scheduling requirements. Generally programs are run between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm with up to an hour for lunch. However, we are often asked to start programs later, end them earlier and compress the lunch break. With only one school on site a time this is easily accomplished.

One of our interpretive staff will be leading each of the programs and tours.

We ask that classes come with adult supervisors to assist with maintaining order and to assist students in activities and crafts. A ratio of 5 students to one supervisor is recommended for the lower grades with ten students to one supervisor being sufficient for older students.

We ask that supervisors be mindful of the potential for distracting and disrupting when talking with each other during programs.

Bus Parking

We have paved bus parking and a loop driveway suitable for school busses at the entrance to the site.

What to Wear

Much of the site is outdoors and the weather in May and June can be cool, windy, wet, or even hot. Jackets, hats, and bug repellent are recommended.

Casual clothing is best for outdoor activities and crafts.

Comfortable walking or running shoes are best for most activities. If it has been raining, rubber boots are recommended.


We have picnic tables, tent shelter, and a fire pit available for eating lunch. There is also a large grass for running around.

We do not have food services on the site but do offer snacks such as pop, bottled water, chocolate bars, and chips.

There are garbage cans and beverage container recycling bins on site.
Souvenir shop

We have small selection of souvenir items available for students and visitors to purchase.


  • Booking are primarily done by phone or e-mail.
  • Before May 15th please call (780) 645-6256 or e-mail
  • After May 15 please call (780) 656-2333 or e-mail
  • A confirmation sheet detailing the programs, grade, class numbers times, special requirement, costs, and program times will be faxed or e-mailed to you once details have been finalized.


These can either be paid in advance, or at the time of the program by cash, cheque or money order. An invoice can be issued as well. We do not accept credit cards or debit. Written receipts will be provided if requested.

Last reviewed/revised: March 18, 2016